Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finally Decorating Has No Limits

For years we have been decorating hood placement logos on the various locations of our hoodies. You get the finished product and just wish the embroidery backing wasn't so noticeable. Well as of today we are excited to introduce the W1464 FULL ZIP SURFER HOOD. Not only is the finished garment beautiful as it incorporates all our extras that go with our SURFER line of fleece, but we have incorporated a 12" hoodie access panel that is virtually undetectable. With this access you can now add Applique numbers and logos, print large areas of the hood and even add transfers to the hood! We've been able to have a print start on the outside of the hood and wrap around to the inside. The black example shown has a large applique leaf on the side of the hood. Previously there would have been a huge piece of backing on the inside ruining the look and feel, but now it looks completely custom and can be done in minimal numbers. The possibilities for sports teams, resort retail and corporate promotional hoodies are endless!

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